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Managed Print Solutions

Manage print services program is a data collection and management tool for all your network printers and multi-function copiers. This program allows Expert Copy Services to monitor the customer network and local attached equipment, which will help automate certain tasks, identify problem devices and schedule maintenance. Managed print services from Expert Copy Services provides the customer control over the hidden print costs, improving efficiency and saving money for any size of business.

 Discover where prints are done

 Learn who is printing, and what documents

 Find devices that are not being used to their full potential

 Identify where the cost saving opportunities are

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Starts with a detailed audit of the company inventory of office equipment in every location within your building. Initiate 60 days of print tracking for a complete assessment of the customer print environment.  Analyze print volumes and workflow to identify equipment inefficiencies.
Our recommendations are designed to start a strategy designed to reduce printing costs, introduce new technology and re-engineer your workflow processes.
Our prices are fair for all products and services. When you go over the allotted page amount, you will pay the same amount for any overages incurred, not a significantly inflated price like most companies charge.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

 Reduce your printing costs

 Automated supplies fulfillment

 Toner inventory not necessary

 Automated meter reading collection

 Ensure your most efficient printers are being used

 Maintain document security

 Control color cost